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In the event of an accident or need for travel assistance, you should contact us immediately either by toll free or by calling the direct location number where you checked in. If necessary, we will call travel assistance directly.

You can pay the tolls directly on the highway.

You can travel with our camper vans throughout the 27 countries of the European Union as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Morocco. So take advantage of the unlimited miles to find out as much as you can.

We always recommend that our guests stay overnight in campsites or service areas as in these areas all the necessary facilities are available such as access to electrical connection (necessary for charging the camper), changing rooms, areas to dump the tanks. water, etc.

Yes, pets are allowed, but there are some restrictions. An animal fee of 70 € will be charged. Only one pet is allowed and their weight may not exceed 30 kg. The rental company is not responsible for any fines or legal fees related to transporting the pet inside the vehicle. Pet Fee only covers vehicle cleaning after rental. Renter is responsible for any damage (inside or outside the vehicle) caused by the pet.

The security deposit required for the booking corresponds to the amount of liability for damage to the camper. The amount of this deposit will depend on the insurance option you choose during your booking (2000 €, 900 € or 300 € for Bronze, Silver and Gold insurance respectively). This amount will be blocked on your credit card during your travel period and may be deducted up to 20 days after check-out if there are damages, penalties or unpaid tolls.

Of course yes! The Bronze insurance plan is included with every booking. This means that at no additional cost you will always have access to 24/7 travel assistance and third party insurance, regardless of the km you make. Choose the insurance option that best fits your trip on our extras and insurance page. Roadyng offers 3 insurance options: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
For more information, please refer to our extras and insurance page.
Please note that none of our insurance covers negligent behavior as may be seen in our Terms and Conditions. Roadyng is not legally authorized to provide insurance to cover the belongings of its customers.
However, we recommend contacting your personal insurance company to consider whether your insurance covers travel or if there is another type of travel insurance option available. Many credit card companies (VISA, AMEX, etc.) offer this type of service to their customers.

Our WiFi is provided by a 4G hotspot that has coverage throughout the European Union. In Portugal the plan includes unlimited data and in all other EU countries the data is limited to 1GB per day. WiFi is provided through a small portable box that can be easily carried.

Most extras are available in stock, allowing our customers to add or remove extras at check-in. However, to ensure that all extras with the exact features you are looking for are available, it is advisable to select them in advance at the time of booking.

If you do not have any devices or electrical glacier plugged in, the secondary battery should maintain autonomy for several days. LED lights and water pump are designed to be energy efficient. However, we recommend that the van be recharged at least 3 times a week if you are always stationary. If you carry the smiley frequently, the secondary battery will be charged frequently, so you do not need to charge with an external source for so long.

You will find facilities to supply the drinking water tank throughout Europe. Camping areas, service areas or gas stations are typical places where you can do this.

The drinking water tank has a capacity of 160 liters in all our camper vans. Dirty water from the kitchen sink + shower flows together to the dirty water tank. After using one of the tanks, it is advisable to empty the dirty water tank as it may give off strong odors and cause overflow in both the sink and shower if it does not empty properly. When emptying the dirty water tank, ensure that you are in a suitable area *. It then opens the dirty water tank using the blue faucet located under the right side of the van. * Water discharge stations can be found in various locations, such as areas or camping.

Yes. The campervan has some 12V outlets, USB ports, and the traditional 220V outlets (European format). They are distributed throughout the camper to provide a pleasant living area, including USB in the bed area so you can charge your phone at night. The 220V outlets will work whenever the campervan is plugged in.

You can add a portable electric heater to your reserve, which works with a 220V cable whenever the vehicle is plugged in. The cable can be found in the campervan’s lounge area. Depending on availability we can provide extra blankets.

We offer child seats for families traveling with children. You just need to add it while you make your reservation online (for free). Please share with us the age and weight of the children so that we can give you the most appropriate seat. The camper vans have three-point seat belts in both the front and rear seats. Isofix system is not available.

Each booking includes basic features to give you the perfect road trip. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance, unlimited miles, bedding (duvet, sheets and pillows), kitchen kit, cleaning kit, mini stove and refrigerator.

Unfortunately our campervans do not yet have wheelchair ramps, or other support equipment. However, this is something we want to bet on in the near future, as we aim to ensure the accessibility of this kind of experience to as many people as possible.

Yes of course! You are welcome to visit one of our warehouses to see our camper vans and meet our lovely staff.

Our fleet consists of FIAT Ducato 2.0 MultiJet 115Cv vehicles, all our campervans have manual transmission, any campervan is equipped to carry 4 people with seat belts and all use diesel. The fuel tank capacity is 75-90 liters. The consumption pattern will depend on the driving style but on average the consumption is around 8L / 100km.

We reserve the right to upgrade or allocate a similar model of camper to your reservation.

A change of dates, check-in and check-out locations, camper types and other details will always depend on momentary availability and will always be subject to Roadyng approval. Additional fees may apply, however we will always do our best to make our travelers happy! Do not hesitate to contact us if applicable.

If you need to cancel your reservation within 30 days of check-in, you will be refunded the full amount. If cancellation occurs within 30 to 15 days of check-in, the 50% booking confirmation fee will not be refunded (cancellation fee), however nothing else will be charged. If cancellation occurs less than 15 days from check-in, the full amount of the reservation will be charged to the associated credit card (no-show fee).

In the unlikely event that you cancel your reservation with us, please send us an email from the same account you used for the booking, confirming your name and dates. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we will cancel and refund any payments.

The minimum age for driving a camper is 18 years. Drivers under the age of 25 need to take out the Silver insurance package. Drivers under 25 are not eligible for Bronze or Gold insurance.

To drive one of our camper vans, a Category B driving license (the same as that required for a car) is required and the driver must be over 18 years old. For small and medium booking durations, an international license is not required. Exception: Non-European citizens need an international driving license to drive in Italy.

Firstly, the delay should be transmitted to us via call as soon as possible. Alternative ways of communication could be WhatsApp, Skype or Email. We will inform the case’s operating officer later and apply a potential delay fee if we check out outside our normal business hours. Since checkouts will be done at an unexpected time, delays may occur. Documentation and basic requirements

The camper must be delivered in clean condition. The dirty water tank should be emptied. Rented extras, surfboards, as well as the electric refrigerator or kitchen kit components should be cleaned. In the case of a campervan being delivered in need of professional cleaning, an additional cleaning fee of € 100 will be charged.

Check-in can be done either at our warehouse or at the airport. We provide a shuttle service between the airport and our warehouse. Depending on availability, the same can be done in other parts of the city. If not otherwise specified, check-out must be done at the warehouse where we subsequently offer an airport shuttle service. In all other locations, we cannot guarantee the same service as it is dependent on staff availability. Upon checkout, we will need to carefully review the van for potential damage, refunds, etc.

Yes. The standard Check-in and Check-out time is between 9:00 and 19:00.

Yes. The deposit, equivalent to 50% of the reservation amount, is required for the reservation to be confirmed and the van to be allocated to the desired location. Especially during the high season, it is impossible for us to guarantee the availability of the van without the deposit. Upon check-in, the remaining amount (50% of the total) will be paid via debit or credit card.

When you check in the camper, you should have in your possession:
Driving license of all drivers.
Renter’s credit card (with sufficient availability to charge Responsibilities / Security Deposit)
Passport / I.D
Reservation Reference
The driver must be the same as the credit card holder used to pay the security deposit.

The daily rate is the rate the rental company charges including basic insurance, 24/7 travel assistance and also VAT. This rate may vary with seasonality, promotions or other rental conditions.

The minimum booking period is 3 days. During summer months and high seasons, the minimum booking period is generally 7 days. However, we will always try to accommodate any request subject to availability.

No. All costs mentioned in the booking confirmation are final. There will be no surcharges or hidden costs if the reservation is not changed. In case of an accident or damage, the maximum amount charged will be equal to the security deposit previously confirmed. Please note that fuel and toll charges are the responsibility of the traveler.

First payment (booking confirmation) – 50%: We accept payment by debit or credit card (VISA, Mastercard), which will be made directly on our website. Additionally, we also accept ……… as valid means of payment. Payment of the remaining amount upon check-in – 50%: Upon arrival, only debit / credit card may be used as a valid payment method. Payment by bank transfer will only be allowed for the 2nd payment upon check-in in exceptional circumstances, for which Renter will incur an extra charge of € 30. Security Deposit: The security deposit can only be locked on a credit card (Visa or Mastercard), and the cardholder must be present upon check-in. At this time, a security deposit will be retained on Renter’s credit card, according to the Insurance option chosen, to secure the amount of the security deposit in case of theft, accident or any other damage to the vehicle during the rental period. The vehicle cannot be delivered to the Renter if the security deposit is not captivated by a credit card.

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